Events of the Mercedes-Benz Car Club of WA

The Mercedes-Benz Car Club of WA organises several major annual events:

New Members’ Breakfast

The first major event for the calendar year, our annual Members’ Breakfast, is an opportunity for existing MBCCWA members to welcome to the club everyone who has joined within the last 12 months. A full cooked breakfast is on offer and members only need to bring flasks of hot water for tea and coffee, a picnic blanket and/ or a picnic table and chairs. Also, if you know of anyone else who either own a Mercedes-Benz or is interested in the marque, we encourage you to invite them along as well as this is the perfect time to welcome them to the club.


German Car Day

German Car Day which is held at a different location every year, brings a number of the German Car Clubs together, including Porsche Club of WA, Volkswagen Car Club of WA and BMW club of WA to name a few. It is highly anticipated and eagerly looked forward to by MBCCWA members and is open to anyone with a German car, not only car club members. There is plenty to see and do on the day and is also an entertaining drive to and from the event.

Monthly Club Meetings


President’s Dinner

Another major event on our calendar is the President’s Dinner, which is an event organised solely by the Club President for Club members. In addition to dinner, a special guest speaker is invited to share some insight into their specific field. The President’s Dinner is usually held in the beginning of the autumn months.

Display Days

We have many show and shines throughout the year at different locations. German Car Day is organised by this club and is our premier show and shine event, cruising to different country locations annually.

Coffee Runs

We support Classic Cars & Coffee monthly runs which are held at the University of WA Carpark, Hackett St, Crawley – visit for details.

Christmas Party

Our December monthly meeting sees members converge on our club-rooms for an informal end-of year celebration, looking back on the year that was.