Concessional Licencing

Registered vehicle owners who are current financial members of an approved motoring car club or association, such as ours, may be eligible for a vehicle licence fee concession from the WA Department of Transport (DoT).

This can provide a massive reduction in yearly licencing fees at the expense of limiting use of the vehicle. There are two schemes available:

  • Vintage, Veteran, Post Vintage, Invitation Class (Code 404)
  • Concessions for Classics (C4C)

Code 404 is for unmodified vehicles, trailers or caravans over 25 years old and is less restrictive than C4C. It provides a 100% exemption from the vehicle licence fee and vehicle licence duty. And a reduced rate on third party insurance (except trailers). Certain types of usage must be logged but not for attendance at any of the club’s advertised/endorsed events.

C4C caters for vehicles with modifications, including classic vehicles manufactured in 1989 or prior. Our club supports this scheme for classic vehicles only (i.e. not street rods, which the scheme also caters for). It provides a 75% exemption from the vehicle licence fee and a reduced rate on motor injury insurance. However, all usage must be logged and vehicles can only be used for a maximum of 90 days per calendar year, being:

  • 60 days to participate in approved motoring club events; and
  • 30 days for personal use (includes road testing, repair and maintenance)

Club Support & Member Responsibilities

The different benefits and conditions of the two schemes should be considered in order to select the most appropriate scheme for your situation. Also refer to the DoT Concessional Licencing – Eligibility Criteria. Our club Concessional Registrar provides guidance and support to our members in their application for concessional registration, if needed, and in the ongoing administration and compliance processes.

Members with concessional vehicles are responsible for compliance with DoT concessional licencing conditions and our club’s administrative requirements. See Concessional Vehicle Use – Logging Requirements.

Our club is subject to and responds to DoT Audits based on our records of members’ concessional vehicle holdings, financial status and vehicle use. We take our administrative responsibility very seriously.

We require that members:

  • Declare all concessionally licensed vehicle details, whenever they are to be covered under our club, upon joining and throughout membership
  • Advise the Concessional Registrar upon disposal of concessional vehicles or when vehicles are no longer concessionally registered
  • Comply with DoT regulations and follow the club’s instructions for notification/logging of vehicle use

Warning: If the vehicle is used for purposes that breach the conditions under which the concession is granted, Section 7(4) of the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012 deems the vehicle to be unlicensed. In these circumstances your Motor Vehicle Injury Insurance will generally not cover you against claims for personal or fatal injury caused to another person. Also, your own Motor Vehicle Insurance would also not apply if your motor vehicle is not legally registered or is not legally on the road.

Current financial members of our club who wish to initiate a concessional application must follow the MBCCWA Concessional Vehicle Licence Application Process.

Further Information

You can review the relevant sections for the two concessional schemes on this page of the Department of Transport (DoT) website:

The Council of Motoring Clubs provides a handbook on the concessional licensing Code 404 scheme and can be accessed by clicking the link below: