Concessional Vehicle Use – Logging Requirements

Members with concessional vehicles are responsible for compliance with DoT concessional licencing regulations and must follow the club’s instructions for notification, logging journeys prior to each concessional vehicle use.

The Mercedes-Benz Car Club of WA requires its members with concessional vehicles to complete logbook entries online via the MBCCWA Member Portal (coming soon – with notifications via email being required in the interim).

This electronic logging method was selected by the club to comply with DoT regulations. It allows the club to efficiently respond to DoT audits, whereby notifications to the club and collection of auditable records is automated by this method.

Logbooks can be accessed online at any time by the member and can be exported/printed in PDF format, allowing the member to present the logbook for inspection if stopped by the police or other authorised officers.

The following table summarises the logging requirements by event-type (activity) under the two different schemes (Code 404 and C4C):

* C4C: One (1) day of use is counted for any part of a single calendar day (00:00-23:59)

** Code 404: Impromptu Run Events may be conducted by members for one or more member vehicles. Other member names and licence plate numbers of participating concessional vehicles must be recorded.

MBCCWA Member Portal – Logbook Entry Examples

In the Member Portal, you will have added your concessional vehicle details already. So, when you select the relevant vehicle, its details are included automatically and you only have to enter the trip details, as illustrated in the following examples.

Example 1: Code 404 – An Impromptu Run With Friends

Example 2: C4C – Attending a Club Advertised Event