Concessional Vehicle – Eligibility Criteria

The following extracts, from the DoT website, provide a summary of eligibility criteria for the two concessional schemes. You should also read the related documentation to fully understand your obligations.

Vintage, Veteran, Post Vintage, Invitation Class (Code 404)

* If you own a ‘unique’ or ‘historic’ vehicle under 25 years old you may, under exceptional circumstances, be eligible to apply for this concession. In this situation, members should not apply for concession via the MBCCWA Member Portal but should contact the club’s Concessional Registrar.

Concessions for Classics (C4C)

Note: MBCCWA supports our members under the Concession for Classics (C4C) scheme for classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles only (i.e. not for street rods, which the C4C scheme also caters for).