Benefits of Membership

Interested in joining the Mercedes-Benz Car Club of WA?

We’d love to see you become part of the club and you don’t even have to own a Mercedes-Benz to join. All you need is an enthusiasm for the three pointed star and a willingness to make new friends and have some fun.

While many clubs are experiencing a steady decline in membership and struggling to stay relevant in this modern era, the MBCCWA continues to expand, with greater participation, bigger events and new members joining in droves. There really is something for everyone in this club, and the details on this page aim to highlight what’s keeping us strong.

StarDiagnosisTechnical Assistance

While we all admire the engineering which goes into every Mercedes-Benz vehicle, we accept that maintenance and the odd repair are inevitable. Club members have access to a wealth of technical information and knowledge, including referral to our club technical advisor, plus access to the club library and restricted online Mercedes-Benz resources. Need help? As an MBCCWA member, you’re never on your own.

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Club meetingsIMG_3146

Generally held on the second Tuesday of every second month, our club meetings are continuing to grow in size and popularity. They’re a great way to meet other members and learn of upcoming events, in a safe and welcoming environment. Our meetings are held at Mean Machines in Morley, offering members anything from coffee and cakes, to full meals in the licensed restaurant area.

We have hosted some great presentations in the past, including members who have showcased a meticulous 190SL restoration, a wild W108 twin-turbo Chev V8 transplant, and an inspiring pilgrimage to the Mille Miglia in Italy.

After each meeting, members are often observed sharing some advice or a joke over a cup of coffee. If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while, it’d be great to see you at one soon!


ClubCardDSC_0002 - (Trimmed almost square)

As an officially endorsed Mercedes-Benz Club, the MBCCWA issues all members with a ClubCard, produced by Mercedes-Benz in Germany. This card entitles you to a range of benefits across the globe, and we have worked to negotiate some great discounts from our local network of suppliers and retailers, including:

  • Diesel Motors, Westpoint Star & Southpoint Star – 10% on parts
  • MB Centre – 10% on labour – visit their website here
  • Auto Exclusive – 10% on labour
  • Richard’s Tyrepower – Free wheel balance on every wheel or tyre purchased
  • Silver Star Spares – 10% discount on parts
  • Veale Auto Parts – up to 30% discount on parts

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.Logged in


All ClubCard holders are given access to the ClubLounge website which offers a range of interesting and useful Mercedes-Benz content. The ClubLounge provides a gateway to the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC), Classic Parts Centre and the new InspireMe forum, plus a free digital subscription and access to back-issues of Mercedes-Benz Classic magazine.

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For more information on how to access and use EPC, click here



While the MBCCWA is first and foremost a car club, intrinsically focused on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the club offers great benefits reaching far beyond the car parked in your garage.

The level of friendship, co-operation, enjoyment and goodwill which exists in our club is particularly evident at club events.

Go Karting

Have you seen our events calendar lately? We aim to provide something for everyone, and our schedule is chock-full of great events, including club runs, display days and social functions.

Formal functions, such as the President’s Dinner and Annual General Meeting (AGM), are also held throughout the year with tickets sold at heavily subsidised prices.

If you’re fortunate enough to have some free time during the week, why not stretch your legs on a Mid-week Run? This monthly event always involves a new route and mystery destination, however good conversation, great food and amazing coffee is not negotiable!

Finally, the New Members’ Breakfast and German Car Day events have seen new records set for attendance and participation, and we will continue to add new and interesting events to our calendar.

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Facebook_f_logo-2Facebook forums

Social networking is continuing to prove its worth, with the club now operating two Facebook pages. While one page is freely accessible and used to publicly promote the club, our secure “member only” page is a great way of staying in touch with fellow members, learning of club news and sharing the odd link or photo. It’s also a great source of technical advice, with several of our technically-inclined members on board and available to respond.

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…And here for the restricted member’s group


Club library

Our club librarian maintains an extensive catalogue of service handbooks, technical resources, club magazines and rare promotional material dating back to the 1960s.


Concessional vehicle licensing

If you own an older model which isn’t used every day, perhaps you’d be interested in the concessional licensing program? Restricted to car club members, concessional vehicle licensing can drastically reduce your annual registration costs, so long as you comply with the rules on limited use.

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Megastar LogoMany members greatly anticipate receiving Megastar by post every eight weeks. While the internet has many uses, there is something very satisfying about unwrapping a printed magazine, fresh off the press, full of colour and brimming with local content. For this very reason, we have resisted moving Megastar towards a purely digital format, and hope you will enjoy continuing to receive Megastar in print. Perhaps this is something only an MBCCWA member will understand!

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