Club History

Origins of the Mercedes-Benz Car Club of WA.

The Mercedes-Benz Car Club of Western Australia was formed in February 1960 when Arthur Chellingworth and a few owners met at the Brisbane Service Station at the south western corner of Brisbane and William Streets, North Perth.

Among the early members accused of consorting with Arthur were Bill Chamberlain and Albert Cain with their 220a’s, Mr Rawlinson with his 180, John Brumley in his 220Sc and a few others.A well worn, original MBCCWA radiator badge.

The club members spent productive time in designing a distinctive radiator badge showing the map of Australia with WA coloured blue, which became the basis for each state badge. The badges were made by Sheridan’s in Florence Street, Perth and cost 3-12/6 pounds each – quite expensive for the time.

The first rally comprised 12 cars and went on a route that ended at Mundaring Weir in the Darling Scarp. After admiring the masterful construction of the Weir the intrepid explorers then discovered the Mundaring Weir Hotel and adjourned for tiffin (or R&R as it is now called). There were other memorable rallies which went to Bunbury, Cranbrook and other locations around the state.

There is very interesting correspondence between the club, the (West) German Consulate and Daimler-Benz AG regarding authorised use of the Mercedes-Benz name and logo. This resulted in Daimler-Benz agreeing in March 1962 to the use of the three pointed star in the club emblem but dependent upon:

1. The registered name of the club being Mercedes-Benz Car Club of WA.

2. Daimler-Benz AG providing information and support for the members to continue the enjoyment of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

3. The club being a non-profit organisation for promoting the popularity and enjoyment of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

It seems certain that our WA club was the first Mercedes-Benz Club in the Southern Hemisphere.

Arthur Chellingworth and Chris Flamer