2016 July Country Run to Yanchep

West Perth was crawling with Mercedes-Benzes on the morning of Sunday 24th July, as scores of members and their loved ones arrived in Parliament Place for the July Country Run.

Following a short address by Club President Trent Chellingworth, vehicles fell into formation and proceeded north, embarking on a coastal cruise via West Coast Drive.

A brief coffee break in Mullaloo was welcomed, and as temperatures gradually rose from the 1.3°C overnight minimum, members shed their scarves and jackets to enjoy clear skies and some rare winter sun.

Back on course, vehicles then cut inland to Old Yanchep Road, where 21 kilometres of sprawling countryside lied ahead.

Next stop… Yanchep National Park, where lunch was served at the historic Yanchep Inn.

An impromptu vehicle display was also kindly approved by the publican, creating an eclectic display of members’ vehicles on the lawn.

Many thanks to those who attended, and MBCCWA Events Coordinator Natasha Hunt for arranging yet another great day!

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